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Mon, Nov. 17th, 2003, 08:07 pm
sandwichii: Riddle #...6?

After solving Alex's mind blowing and sweat inducing riddle, I wrote my own Tom Riddle! YAY! Note that it is far to easy, but I'm crap at these things anyway, so... yeah. Ahem.

A boy, sweaty and breathing hard
came to me one day
asked what was to do to be unbarred
and he knows it, 'till today.

I like the things you write down here
though mine are quite a bit harder
and when you stand near me dear,
think, or I will, like so many times before, come away with murder.

I am most fearsome and maybe funny looking
but never judge on what you see
for if you don't watch were you're joking
you might just see me.

I guarded a great big city once
but died when someone special came
allthough this verse is not Hp related
you can still guess my name

What creature am I?

That was major crap, but I tried. ::pouts:: At least most of it rhymes!

~yours truly, Emma

Sun, Nov. 9th, 2003, 03:09 pm
zebbie356: Riddle #4

I answered Pertique's brain frying riddle, so I'm going to post one now. It's much easier than hers.

Looks can be deceiving,
And they certainly were with me.

Betrayal and lying,
People dying,
Makes no difference to me.

I'd do anything to help him get that wretched boy.
That would make my master's empty heart fill up with bubbling joy.

Much in common I have with him,
We killed the people we "loved" or not.

I disguised myself for this man,
I'm doing everything I can.

For years and years I endured it all
Just to see that Potter's life come to a sudden halt.

Who Am I?

This one is really easy people. Guess! Guess!

Wed, Nov. 5th, 2003, 07:05 pm
slappytanker: (no subject)

Y'all better answer Mishey's riddle before I do!!!

(I'll delete this as soon as someone posts there, just wanted to remind your friends-list that she posted a riddle last night.)


Wed, Nov. 5th, 2003, 02:36 am
mishey22: Riddles are hard!

Some people think I am a swindler
and a killer, but I am not.

I can spot a bad guy from a mile away.
Even if it takes everyone else forever
to figure it out.

My best friend is everyone's enemy.
But he's not such a bad guy.

Who am I?


Ok, that's way to easy. I need to work on this. A lot.

Mon, Nov. 3rd, 2003, 09:22 pm
patchsassy: Next Riddle!

Okay, I don't think that this riddle will even begin to measure up to that one of Her Slappiness, but I will make an attempt!

Useful I was
Against Fred and George's trickery

Although I was quite difficult for one of Hogwarts' students
Eventually I was mastered when I was truly needed

When a student was in danger
I was used for to help him cover

When grave danger was at stake
I was the key to safe escape

When dark battled light
I was a true asset to both sides.

What spell am I?


I hope this isn't too vague. Guess away!


Sun, Nov. 2nd, 2003, 11:21 pm
slappytanker: (no subject)

Here's the first riddle! - Slappy

The opposite of active,
the state of calm atoms
the end of my name
is the end of this word

I am one of ten
like my brethren
I am native
to a specific area

Given a name
by one whom I belonged
I was taken away
but not forgotten

The beginning of my name
is the combining of two
but not this or that
neither and both

The fourth letter of my name
sounds like she who stings
only one letter
the second of a complete set

Who am I?


As stated in the rules (in the community's profile), the first person to get this right and validated by the riddler (me in this case) gets to ask the next riddle.

Have fun!

Sat, Nov. 1st, 2003, 01:55 am
slappytanker: Friending the community and being a member - the difference

Hey people! Me again :-D

Anyway, I'm glad to see several of y'all joining, and the riddles will flow - feel free to start a riddle, I'm totally cool with that. A lot of this will be trial and error, so we'll see how it goes.

Also, I set this up so that only members can start threads - and that means ya gotta join the community and not just friend it in order to start a thread. So when you go to the user info page, click the link that says "to join this community" and so on, and boom - it'll show up in your "journal to post in" drop-down box.

Holla at me if you have any questions - Karen

Fri, Oct. 31st, 2003, 05:56 pm
slappytanker: (no subject)

Okay people, here it is.

I'm setting up this community for any of you realmies who miss the Riddle Thread on the Realm. Additionally, I'm opening it up to ANYONE who wishes to participate in Harry Potter related riddles.

I will moderate this community. If anyone is interesting in sharing duties with me, let me know (either leave a comment on my LJ slappytanker or shoot me an e-mail).

The Rules have been set up in the community's profile, so please check those out before posting. Spanks!


HAVE FUN, and long live the TomRiddles!!!! - Karen

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