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Hello, and welcome to hp_riddles!!!

This community was inspired by a long-missed thread on Harry Potter's Realm of Wizardry Forums message boards. That thread became so popular and regularly visited, several problems arose and it had to be locked. However, this commuinity has been set up to celebrate in the greatness that is riddles, especially the riddles of the Harry Potter fame.

You don't have to be a member of the realmies community to join hp_riddles. However, if you dig Harry Potter, you should join the Realm :-D [/pimpin']

Your happy moderator is slappytanker, and if you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment on that LJ or feel free to post a comment, contact the moderator, or check out the rules for clarification.


Here's how it works: Someone posts a riddle. The FIRST person to answer it correctly, when notified in the thread by the person who asked the riddle, gets to ask the next riddle in a new thread. It's that simple.

Riddles can be anything or anyone in the Harry Potter universe. Additionally, characters/people/places/things can be used MORE THAN ONCE, and can even be used twice in a row.

If the person who asked the riddle has not notified the winner within 24 hours, the moderator(s) will either ask the next riddle or with permission, someone else can start the next riddle.

One guess per post, people. If it's right, the riddler will tell you so. Also, if it's wrong, the riddler SHOULD say it's wrong. Let's not keep people in the dark.

PLEASE keep these simple rules in mind, for it will make the community FUN and things will flow successfully (I hope :-D).

That being said, now for the rules :-D


The Rules

- Please no advertising. There are plenty Harry Potter communities that not only allow advertising, but many promote it. This isn't one of them.
- Threads started must contain a riddle related to Harry Potter. It can be anything in the HP-world from characters, beasts, places, or anything that pertains to all 7 books (including Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them and Quidditch through the Ages).
- Please keep netspeak to a minimum. This isn't a chat room, people.
- Please keep offensive language to a bare minimum. This community is open to everyone, and I don't want younger members to feel out of place.
- There will be NO FLAMING. If you have a penchance for drama, name-calling or any other thing that makes me mad, you will be banned on the FIRST OCCURENCE. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. It's proper behavior and if people can't control themselves in this aspect, there will be no hesitation in banning you.
- On the subject of banning: if you have been banned from The Realm, you will be banned from here as well.


This is a friendly environment, created with the purpose of sharing Harry Potter-related riddles and to have fun. So, have fun, riddle away, and please abide by the rules.

Additionally, this community is new, so bear with us. Any icon ideas, suggestions for the LJ-format, and if you're interested in becoming a moderator, please contact slappytanker.

(back up and running, as of 07APRIL2004)
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